Verbal Ability - Verbal Analogies

Verbal Analogies Description

Verbal Analogies refer to a pair of words which have a certain relationship between them. They constitute an important as well as toughest part of the verbal ability section and are particularly useful in measuring the intelligence of an individual.
Analogies are particularly helpful while appearing for IQ Tests and in Job test preparation. They may be based on certain objects, pictures, numbers, emotions, conditions, etc.
For solving verbal analogies, exhaustive practice along with a strategy is required. Although the strategies may vary from one candidate to another, but a definite one involves an in-depth understanding of the relation between the stem words (i.e. the words in the question) and then based on that, linking the given choices with the third word.

For Example:-
Statement:- Evening is to Morning as Dinner is to ___________.
  • Breakfast
  • Soup
  • Coffee
  • Time
Answer:- Evening is to Morning as Dinner is to Breakfast.

Various types of Analogies are:-
  • Things that go together : salt/pepper, bat/ball
  • Opposites : hot/cold, laugh/cry
  • Synonyms : thin/slim, hide/conceal
  • Cause & Effect : fire/burn, plant/grow
  • Problem & Solution : hungry/eat, tired/sleep
  • Performer & Action : artist/paint, teacher/teach
  • Verb Tenses : win/won, buy/bought
  • Object & Function : book/read, knife/cut
  • Object & Location : tub/bathroom, lion/zoo
  • Object & Group : cow/herd, bird/flock
  • Object & Classification : table/furniture, spring/season
  • Object & Related Object : cat/kitten, plant/sprout
  • Degrees of a Characteristic : cold/freezing, wave/tsunami
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