Verbal Ability - Synonyms

Synonyms Description

Synonyms are defined as words having similar meaning in the same language and thus, are said to be in Synonymous with each other and the state being referred to as Synonymy.

Synonyms constitute an important part of Verbal ability section and prove very useful as they render improvement in reading as well as writing skills of an individual. They can be best described as replacement words in a sentence or phrase, without affecting the overall meaning. It adds a variety to the paragraph instead of repeating the same words over again.

An important point to remember is that although the word might be same but it does not necessarily mean that it will have the same meaning in context to the respective word.
For example:- If the word is “Student”, then its synonym can be Pupil. But the pupil here refers to students/children and not the aperture in the iris of the eye.

Various examples of synonyms are:-
  • Long --> lengthy, elongated, outstretched, extended
  • Small --> Little, Mini, short, tiny, fine, petite
  • Create --> Cause, make, construct
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