Verbal Ability - Sentence Correction

Sentence Correction Description

Sentence Correction is an eminent part of the verbal ability section as it tests the basic grammar fundamentals of the candidate. It is also used to test the individual's capability of correct word usage.
The candidates need to identify the incorrect part of the sentence and replace it with the correct choice from the given options.

For attempting the questions requiring sentence correction, the candidates should keep certain things in mind:-
  • There may be more than one error in the sentence, so complete sentence should be read before rectifying it.
  • The meaning of the sentence should be understood before attempting it.
  • While correcting the sentence, it should be kept in mind that the overall meaning should not change.
  • Go through all the choices and eliminate those which are grammatically incorrect.
  • Start placing the choices one by one in the sentence in your head only and think which according to you suits the most (grammatically).
Apart from the knowledge of basic grammar rules, its the practice that will the help in gaining excellence in this section of verbal ability.
For example:-
  • Original :- The small child does whatever his father was done.
  • Correct :- The small child does whatever his father had done.
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