Verbal Ability - Selecting words

Selecting words Description

Selecting Words constitute an essential part of the verbal ability section as they help in testing the basic grammatical skills of an individual, especially the correct word usage. They are simply fill in the blanks with appropriate words. But filling these blanks requires adequate understanding of the grammar rules and concepts and thereby, appropriate application of various parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions.

Apart from this, the candidate should also have a good understanding of articles, idioms and tenses that play an important part in the formation of a sentence and this can be achieved only through constant practice.

Some examples of selecting words:-

Statement:- I haven't eaten an apple______a long while.
  • Since
  • For
  • From
  • While
Answer:- I haven't eaten an apple for a long while.

Statement:- Ambition is one of those_____which are never satisfied.
  • Passions
  • Ideas
  • Fancies
  • Feeds
Answer:- Ambition is one of those passions which are never satisfied.
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