Verbal Ability - Ordering of words

Ordering of words Description

Ordering of words is an important aspect of our language which is used to test the basic sentence formation ability of a candidate. A coherent, logical and sensible sentence/paragraph is to be structured from its jumbled parts, also known as Parajumbles.
A sound knowledge of English language, along with constant practice, can help an individual to clear through these questions.

To arrange the parajumbles/ unordered words in a proper sequence, the candidate must follow these rules:-
  • Go through the sentence, along with its jumbled parts, to get the central theme of it.
  • Once the meaning is clear, the next thing should be to identify the introductory part of the sentence.
  • After this, the candidate should look for the conclusion i.e. the ending part of the sentence.
  • Then the remaining parts of the sentence should be linked on the basis of tenses, nouns-pronouns, connectors, etc. and then logically arranged to form a grammatically correct sentence.
Apart from this, the candidates also need to remember some things before attempting this section:-
  • Every sentence/passage is based on some logic.
  • Every sentence/passage has a central point of discussion.
  • Every sentence/passage has a sensible flow of information.
  • Every sentence/passage is a coherent whole of small parts.
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