Verbal Ability - Change of Speech

Change of Speech Description

Change of Speech is an important aspect of verbal ability section as it tests the candidate's knowledge of grammar, especially tenses. The candidate's are required to convert the speech from direct to indirect and vice versa. 

Direct Speech
Direct Speech is all about quoting or repeating the words in the exact form as they are spoken. While writing direct speech, we place the spoken words in between quotation marks i.e. (“ “). This may include such conversations which are taking place at present and or have been taken place before, but is being told now.

 Some examples of Direct Speech are:-
  • Mike said, “I'm going to come”.
  • “There's an ant in my soup!” screamed Asha.
  • He said to the child, “Do not disturb me”.

Indirect Speech
Indirect Speech (also termed as Reported Speech) is about communicating one person's words to a third person, with a change in the word's tense. There is no use of exact words and quotation marks in indirect speech. Words such as 'said', 'told', 'that', 'asked', etc. are used.

 Some examples of Indirect Speech are:-
  • Mike said that he was going to come.
  • She was speaking on the phone.
  • He warned the child not to disturb him.

The Direct and Indirect Speech Questions can be further of three types:-
  • YES/NO questions
  • Question-Word questions
  • Choice questions

Example of YES/NO Question
  • I said, “Can I help You?”
  • I asked If I could help her.

Example of Question-Word Question
  • He said, “Where are you going?”
  • He asked me where I was going.

Example of Choice Question
  • He asked, “Do you want Tea or Coffee?”
  • He asked me whether I wanted tea or coffee.
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