Quantitative - Odd man out Series

Odd man out Series Description

Odd Man Out:- a person differing from all other members of a particular group or set in some way.

E.g:- Find the odd one:-
A. 61    B. 24    C. 10    D. 82
Answer is (A) 61.
Each of the given figures are even only 61 is odd.

Odd Man Out Series questions are divided into three main sections:-
(i) Alphabets
(ii) Numbers
(iii) Words

Alphabets Odd Man Out:- 
Find out the odd man alphabet pairs:- AE, GM, MQ, VZ, LP
Answer:- GM,
Explanation:- Gap between GhijklM is 5, where other Alphabet gaps are 3 like AbcdE.
Note:- Shortcut notes for Alphabets Odd Man Out Questions:- Vowel compare, Alphabetical order of given alphabets, Gap between the given alphabets.

Numbers Odd Man Out:- 
Find out the odd man numbers from below series:-
A. 263
B. 383
C. 331
D. 551
Answer:- B,
Explanation:- In each number except 383, the product of first and third digits is the middle one.

Words Odd Man Out:-
Find out the odd man words from below series:-
(i) Gurdit, Navsher, Om, Sneha
Answer:- Sneha
Explanation:- In this question, it can be seen the odd would be Sneha on the basis of gender.
(ii) Carrot, Tomato, Ginger, Potato
Answer:- Tomato
Explanation:- All the vegetables grow underground except Tomato. So, Tomato is odd.
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