Logical Reasoning - Essential Part

Essential Part Description

Essential Part is one of the important topic in reasoning section. In Essential Part questions, each question contains a word followed by answer choices. It is important to choose the word that is a necessary part of the word given in the question.

Example 1:- Guitar
a) band b) teacher c) song d) strings
Answer:- d) strings
Explanation: A guitar does not exist without strings, so strings are an essential part of a guitar. A band is not necessary to a guitar (choice a). Guitar playing can be learned without a teacher (choice b). Songs are by products of a guitar (choice c).

Example 2:- Pain
a) cut b) hurt c) nuisance d) burn
Answer:- b) hurt
Explanation: Pain is suffering or hurt, so choice b is the essential element. Without hurt, there is no pain. A cut (choice a) or a burn (choice d) may cause pain, but so do many other types of injury. A nuisance (choice c) is an annoyance that may or may not cause pain.
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