Logical Reasoning - Decision Making

Decision Making Description

A decision is a choice made between two or more available alternatives and decision making is a process of choosing the best alternative for reaching objectives.

Example:- Aristotle’s logical works contain the earliest formal study of logic that we have. It is therefore all the more remarkable that together they comprise a highly developed logical theory, one that was able to command immense respect for many centuries: Kant, who was ten times more distant from Aristotle than we are from him, even held that nothing significant had been added to Aristotle’s views in the intervening two millennia.

Kant thought that Aristotle had discovered everything there was to know about logic, and the historian of logic Prantl drew the corollary that any logician after Aristotle who said anything new was confused, stupid,or perverse.

Which of the following assumption/s is/are necessary to the author’s argument?

I. Kant was an authority on logic and one of the best people to judge the quality of Aristotle’s work
II . A work of knowledge that stands the test of time is worthy of respect
III. Developing a comprehensive body of work right from the scratch is a long-drawn process.

A. Only II
B. Both II and III
C. Both I and II
D. Both I and III
E. I, II and III

Explanation A (I) is incorrect as the argument does not assume that Kant was an authority on logic. His views on Aristotle’s work are no doubt noteworthy but that does not make Kant an authority on Logic. (III) is incorrect as the argument does not assume anything as regards the time that is taken to develop something from the start. (II) is an assumption behind the argument that Aristotle’s work is great as it was able to command immense respect for many centuries.
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