Logical Reasoning - Course of Action

Course of Action Description

We can classify the questions of course of action into two patterns or types.
I The first pattern talks of a problem and the suggested courses of action talk of a solution. 
II The second pattern talks of a situation or fact and the courses of actions are ways of improving that situation.

Type I: Problem Solution Relation In this type of pattern, the suggested course of action can be followed if. 1) It solves / reduces of minimize the problem 2) The solution or course of action is practically possible. 

Type II: Fact – Improvement Relation This pattern is solved just by applying the same rules of Type I. First we have to identify whether the fact or situation will improve due to the course of action mentioned. Second thing to do is to check whether the, course of action is practically possible. 

Important Points: 
1. A negative course of action should not be taken. 
2. The given solution should be practical. 
3. A solution which brings in benefits or solves the problem after an inordinate delay should be avoided. 
4. The course of action should pertain directly to the problem.
5. The course of action proposed should independently be able to solve a problem and it should not be contingent to some other ‘to’ conditions being met. 
6. It should not result in another problem. 
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