Data Interpretation - Table Charts

Table Charts Description

A table chart is among the most common ways of presenting the data across a grid of rows and columns. The first row and the first column are generally used to denote the titles i.e. type of data. While the data can be of any type that is presented in the table, interpreting it in this form is much more difficult and time consuming than the other modes, all of which are basically pictorial or graphical in presentation, such as bar charts, pie charts, line charts, etc.
For the ease of the candidates, some instructions have been mentioned below which be helpful to them before solving questions based on tabular data.
  • The given data should be read very carefully, as the smallest detail may alter the meaning of the question completely. Similarly, the instructions are to be understood carefully to avoid wasting time in calculating data that is not required, and also to find out exactly what is the answer that is sought.
  • The questions are structured in a way so as to be tricky, and therefore proper understanding of the requirements is a must.
  • The Data provided may be of the combined variety or if there may be more than one data table/charts/graphs. In this case, a thorough understanding of the relation between the given tables is important. For Example, one table may talk about absolute sales figures, while the other table may talk of sales as a percentage of production. Hence, any question on excess production or Goods in stock, will require data from both tables.
  • An attention needs to be given to the units used in the tables, and the units in which the answers (options) are provided. A mistake in the units may yield an entirely different answer. Also be careful of whether the answer is required in decimal or percentage. Such errors are common and easily avoidable.
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